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Today's Local Legends.

Tomorrow's Brightest Stars. 

Duets is back! Join us for an intimate night of celebration and entertainment as some of DMYAT's brightest stars join forces with Des Moines' local favorites. These extraordinary voices are working together to benefit DMYAT and work towards securing our lasting legacy.

Rehearsed and performed virtually, this special broadcast will include performances from favorite musicals under the direction of Francine Griffith and Charissa Hamel, including a special group number featuring all our young artists. Throughout the night, we'll celebrate what makes DMYAT special to our young artists and look toward an even brighter future. 

While this event is free to enjoy, we ask that you consider a contribution to Des Moines Young Artists' Theatre. 


Maya Cataldi*

Coria Chaloupecky

Margaret Cook

Levi Cooper

Adrienne Dobson-Greiner*

Bailey Dorr

Gabrielle Henderson*

Ryan Henzi

Abi Houston

Dawson Huinker

Elizabeth James

Vivian Klein

Sage Johnson

Jeanella McKinney

Samantha Miller*

Isabella Nelson*

Greta Paulsen

Emma Schnurstein

Evie Tucker*

Amaya Veldkamp*

Landry Wagner

Izzy Webber*

*DMYAT Debut



Dani Boal

Jonathan Brugioni

Alison Buechler

Anastasia Deace

Rose Dino

Tina Haase Findlay

Francine Griffith

Charissa Hamel

Charlie Reese

Stephanie Schneider

Asher Suski


Francine Griffith & Charissa Hamel


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